Cigarette Butt Pendant

cigarrette butt pendant_2.jpg
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cigarrette butt pendant_2.jpg
cigarrette butt pendant_4.jpg

Cigarette Butt Pendant

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Iconic and unique, each pendant is made with a real cigarette butt preserved in several layers of non-toxic resin and finished with a handmade polished 925 Sterling Silver cap.

Approximate Pendant Size : 70mm x 10 mm

Approximate Weight : 2.7g

Available as standard on an 24 inch length of natural leather thong or on a polished 925 Belcher Chain or Ball Chain.

Chain Lengths:

Small 18 inch

Medium 20 inch

Large 22 inch

NB: As no cigarette butt is the same, every pendant is entirely unique and one off. Cigarettes may vary in size, colour, brand and burn length.

Bespoke Orders:

If you wish to encapsulate a personal memento of your own or a loved one in the form of a cigarette, roll up, cigar etc. then please get in touch by email at to discuss a bespoke order.

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